Friday, May 4, 2018

Tacoma May 2, 2018

A Gorgeous Spring day Tacoma Lakes Quilters met
 for our business meeting.
We are winding down for the summer months. We have a chapter challenge with a reveal in June that will be displayed at Maine Quilt Show in July. We are doing a block of the month and have a work shop to demonstrate how to put odd blocks together.  A planned bus trip in August out of state. Getting all the nuts and bolts in place for our quilt show in the Fall. And of course, all the run of the mill things we do monthly. Always lots to discuss.

We have Show 'n Tell the first meeting of the month.  We have many quilts donated to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for newborns. And also some finishes of Modern Quilts workshop we had last time plus some other beauties. 

Ann T - pillow case 
 Ann T - improvisational quilt using
her own eclectic mixture of fabrics.
 Ann T - made skirt from she is explaining all the pieces....please note stockings and shoes to match. 
We always enjoy here fresh ideas. 
 Sally - quilt to be donated to NICU
 Carol T - Table runner
 Sue C - Binky bib
 Sue C M - Modern Quilting
wall hanging
 Betty L - Bow Tucks Tote
Penny Sturgis
Betty L - Miranda Day Bags
Lazy Girl Designs 
 Betty L - donated to NICU
the following 4 quilts
are from panels and stash yardage.
Betty L - donated to NICU
Betty L - donated 
Betty L - donated  
Betty L  -Fold up tote
 Nancy -
Birds of a feather series
by McKenna Ryan

-Nancy -
 Sue K - Modern Quilting wall hanging
 Kathy - NICU
 Kathy - NICU
 Kathy - A scarf made from scraps.
 Betty L - quilt for her grandson
Sherry F - BOM Tacoma challenge 
Jona - Stars over Casablanca 
Jona -  In your face Maple Leaf.
 Margo - Modern Quilting
 Margo - Field Poppies
Frieda Anderson class at Maine Quilts 
using hand dyed fabrics
Until next month ----

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tacoma April 18, 2018 Workshop

Tacoma Lake Quilters met today with SUE DUVAL from Minot, ME  - Trunk Show and Workshop. She is president of the Maine Modern Quilters. (you can click on this link and it will take you to their site.
Following you will see some of our projects in progress and the MODERN QUILTS that she showed. She and several others made the quilts. This blog is just to show you the diversity of modern quilting as women put to use their talents so uniquely.
One of the books that inspired her beginning to get into Modern Quilting.
Also note some of the quilts are the back using an influence from the front. 


 This is a panel with just a small block at the bottom.
 These were hand appliqued 

 Made by a gentlemen to make a statement!

 This was Sue's latest endeavor....
Made by one of our own she had taken a workshop with Sue.
Ann T.

 This block was a sample of what we did. Of course no two will look alike.
Just had to use our imagination!! 

 Please note these are 'very' candid shots...some were eating lunch or 
working on their project. 
Just note all the fabric....we really got into it!

(Below) Sue, our instructor and some of the blocks that 
were starting to take shape.
Many of us really enjoyed the process because there were no rules.
It was okay to just use scissors or have a little crooked.
And then you had those who wanted precision....we know who they are!!!
Lots of was a fun day.
Great time had by all.......See you next month!!