Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tacoma - July Picnic

Tacoma Lake Quilters enjoyed their summer picnic this Wednesday. As always there was an abundance of food...wonderful many have busy schedules but it is great to get together. A bus trip is planned for August and then we will be in full swing with the new year's agenda in September. Planning for our Quilt show in October. 

 "BEE SEW INSPIRED' chapter challenge.
These 9 will be displayed at the Maine Quilt Show in July.

Kathy B - "Bees at Work"
 Barb D - "Bee So Inspired"
 Ann W - "To Bee or Not to Bee"
 Brenda P - "Bee Inspired" challenge
 Sandy H - "Bee Happy" Anita Goode pattern
This will be hung with Mystic Quilters another
local chapter. 
 Margo - "Bee Being" 
her hand drawn flowers with embroidered centers 
 Janice C - "Bee Inspired" challenge
That is the end of the Bee Challenge...Our instructions were Black...Yellow...Grey ...and one other color if we wanted. Choose our own design and size and also add a hexagon somewhere 
on front or back. 
Spectacular designs....gifted quilters

-----------------OTHER SHOW 'N TELL-----------------
Sharon R - "Amish Bars 
'Blue meadow design'
Helen  - Baby from Missouri Star
 Sandy H - "Baltimore Revisited" by Anita Goode
embroidered blocks 
Sue  R. 
presented a wonderful idea for quilt sleeves
19.5 yds continuous sleeve. 
Just cut off where you need it. 
 Donna W - Cat wall hanging
 Wool flowers/button centers

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tacoma Meeting June 20, 2018

Our Members 
Great group of ladies 
Some are missing - click on the pic and it will enlarge it.

Tacoma Lakes Quilters final meeting for the 2017-18 year was held with a potluck. Quilters like to eat as well as quilt...we do it well...we had no lack of food. 
Show 'n Tell was also great today as always. 

Betty L - Moda Pattern
Betty L - Sticks & Stones 
1" strips.
Betty L - "Suite Dreams"
Brenda P showed Donna Hathaway's quilt
"Mariner's Compass"
She wanted suggestions for quilting design
Brenda P - Horse quilt made as a memorial
for her granddaughter. Beautiful
She is selling tickets for charity 
Kathy B - Stack 'n Whack
a workshop that we had.
Nancy - McKenna Ryan
 "12 months of Happy"
July block
Nancy - "12 Months of Happy
McKenna Ryan - August Block
Helen - Penny Sturgis Bag
Judy R - Grill Rug - squares are surged.
Judy R - Shades of Grey. Her own design
made for her daughter.
Sherry - "New and Later" 
1930's Rectangle Quilt
 American Patchwork & Quilting free pattern
Janice C - made by Laura.
Pine Tree Guild is collecting red scarves to be donated to
HeartScarves, an organization that gives them to heart patients.
click on link and it will give you more info.
Janice - Bee challenge - Honeycomb
Janice C - Patriotic wall hanging
Sue R - Jumping for Joy
Charity quilt
Sue R - Charity quilt
Donna W - French General fabrics
Donna W  - Appliqued Center
Beth F - Barn quilts made from plywood.


This is a great ending for this year. Will see you in September. Thank for stopping by and hope you enjoyed. Until.......

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tacoma Meeting June 6, 2018

Tacoma Lakes Quilters met today...This year has gone fast and we are winding down for the summer. Today we focused on our BOM that started in September. Each month we assigned a different size block. The sizes were 12" block, 5x8", 3x5", 16 sq., 6" sq., 9" sq., 4x10",10" sq., and the last 2 months any size. You could also make more depending on the finished size you wanted .We had great participation. Donna and Margo shared some ideas on they process of putting them together. You will see pictures of those finished or in process. Many picked themes and there were a variety of colors. It has been so much fun doing and we plan to have them completed for our first meeting in September to put them in our quilt show. 

Show 'n Tell is always interesting with so many varied projects. We have very talented ladies. 

 Donna - Caterpillar/Butterfly wall hanging.
Donna - 'Off the Rail' 
Wedding Gift 
 Donna M - matching pillow case -
Linen from Grandmother's tablecloth with names and date. Very special gift. 
Doily Window hangings
by Donna M
using doilies, handkerchiefs

Margo - Challenge for State Quilt Show.
Theme - Bee's
entitled "Bee Being" quilted by Sherry. 
 Kathy B - NICU donation
 Kathy B - Stars, stripes sampler.
donated to Kaleidoscope for
 Close up of Stars

 Betty L.- frog panel
baby quilt
Betty L - small 'blankie'
 Ann W - NICU donation
quilting is beautiful. 
Ann W - class she took using
painting and ink pencils
Laurie Tigner design
 Ann W - another painting
Ann W - "Doggone Cute" 
Sew fresh quilts with flannel backing 
 Barb D - gift from a workshop she 
did on 'piecing with poppers'
Sharon R 
 Pauline S 
 Sandi J 
 Judy L 
 Bev D
 Judy R
 Sue K 
Pam M 
Barb D 
Kat P 
 Donna W - Star theme -demonstrated 
Margo C - Music theme -demonstrated 

Our last meeting for the season will be June 20 and we will be sharing potluck lunch.