Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tacoma Lakes Quilters June 19.2019

Tacoma's finale today for the year 2018-2019. A lot of excitement. One of this years challenges was making a list of 10 UFO's and finishing within the year and entered into a drawing. Names drawn received a beautiful bag with special goodies.  A total of  162 finished that was pretty remarkable. Pam coordinated it and of course I forgot to get a picture of her. Pretty proud of ourselves who participated and a neater quilt room!!!
A chapter challenge 
and ladies we love challenges, right!
Each participant made a center block and put her chosen fabrics to be used in a pizza box. Lori who coordinated this, took the boxes and gave them to the next person (total of 4) each month to add a border using their fabrics. The reveal was today. They were amazing, the thought and talent that went into them each participant explained their challenges but all agree it made them think outside of their box. I took pics of the person and the gals who worked on them and then a close up so you could see the intricacy of them. ENJOY!!!
Front - Barb D., Sandi J., Judy R
Back - Judy L., Brenda P., Beth F., Sue R.
(3 gals were missing today)
Donna W. quilt
Round 1 Sandi J
2  Judy L
3 Brenda P
4  Judy R
 Gals who worked on it
Judy R., Brenda P., Judy L., Sandi J.
 Ann W quilt
Round 1 Donna M
2 Judy R
3 Sue R
4 Judy L
 Gals who worked on it
Judy R., Judy L., Sue R.
 SUE R quilt
Round 1 Donna W
2 Beth F
3 Sandi J
4 Ann W
 Sue R., Beth F., Sandi J.
 Barb D. quilt
Round 1 Brenda P
2 Sandi J
3 Anne W
4 Sue R.
Brenda P., Barb D., Sue R., Sandi J 
 Sandi J quilt
Round 1 Barb D
2 Sue R
3 Judy L
4 Beth F
Barb D., Judy L., Sue R., Beth F. 
 Brenda P quilt
Round 1 Anne W
2 Donna M
3 Judy R
4 Barb D
Judy L., Brenda P., Barb D 
 Beth F quilt
Round 1 Judy R
2 Brenda P
3 Donna W
4 Anne W
 Judy R., Brenda P., Beth F.
 Judy L quilt
Round 1 Sue R
2 Donna W
3 Donna M
Brenda P
 Brenda P., Judy L., Sue R. 
 Judy R quilt
Round 1 Beth F
2 Barb D
3 Sandy J
4 Donna M
 Barb D., Judy R., Beth F., Sandy J.

It was a wonderful time by all and looking forward to our next challenge in the new year. 
Margo "Monkey Business" 
Own design for GGrandson UFO
 Brenda D "Yankee Puzzle" 
 Brenda D "Pinwheel and Strips"
Class at Waldo Extension Group 
 Sandy K - "Bag lady"????
She is making these to sell at a fair.
 Beth D - 'Grinch Tree' 
done on Embroidery Machine
 Carol T - "Book w/Pillows"
  Judy R - "Trip around the World" UFO
Judy R - Sweater was made for her new grandbaby
'Knits by Lori'

 Sue K - Block  from 
Piece O'Cake Designs. 
A class she took to learn

UNTIL NEXT TIME...................

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tacoma Lakes Quilters June 5,2019

Tacoma met for their last business meeting of the year. Reports of various committees /plans.
-Picnic scheduled for July 17
-Status of our bus trip scheduled for Sept. 11
-Grand Finale of UFO challenge next meeting.
-Plans for raffle quilt for Tacoma Quilt Show 2020
-Voting for slate of Officers for coming year.
-Next meeting the 'Reveal' of the participants of the Pizza box challenge.
A pizza party scheduled for our last meeting of the year.  Should be exciting!!

Today following the meeting we shared our 'favorite books, patterns and notions. 
There were wonderful sharing of tips etc.


Jona - 'Tulips on Parade'
Missouri quilt - for charity
 Nancy - ' LIBERTY'
Stencil/scape applique by Jackie

 Sharon R - Dinosaur wall hanging
from coloring book.
 Betty Lam - Scrap quilt
 Betty Lam - Scrap quilt
 Betty Lam - kit from Fabric Garden
baby quilt
Betty Lam = baby book to match quilt. 
 Kathy B quilted this charity quilt made
by Liz Boynton
 Karen  and her mom Laura 
They are making quilts....knitted other things to donate. An ongoing project for Meals on Wheels. 
Karen - Charity Quilt 
 Sandy J - 2 pillow cases to match quilt.
 Sandy J - "Liberty and Justice" central panel.
A quilt to donate to send 2 girls to State.

Beth F - Bag made from a free tutorial.
Clydebank Tote from Sew Sweetness 
Beth F - 'Riviera Handbag'
by Nancy Green from Pink Sand Beach designs.

Beth F and Donna W both made
Block of the Month - Attic Heirloom
"Feathered Star" by Jan Paddock
Made by Beth
 Made by Donna
she used wool batting.
 close-up of Donna's center
 Kat P - Quilt of Valor donation
 Kat P - Made for hubby from T-shirts
 Kat P - Aprons for painting (reversible)
 Kat P - UFO Log cabin she finished with
blocks made by "Kayla" 
 Donna M - 'Sea Glass' UFO
Starring role from Fabric Garden
Margo - 'It's a Plus'
made for great granddaughter's graduation. 
 close up
Until next time...