Monday, November 20, 2017

Tacoma November 15, 2017

Tacoma Quilters of Litchfield postponed our first meeting of the month due to the powerful windstorm that caused thousands of power outages including many of our members and the building where we meet. 

Each month we are greeted with a beautiful display of goodies ...we appreciate each one for their hospitality. Always lots to catch up with each other. A short business meeting and a Workshop that was led by Barb D on how to make and fit a pattern from a sweatshirt  for future use when making any garment. 

Also wonderful display of Show 'n Tell. We have so
many talented ladies.

Carol T - Made for donation to Laroman in Dominican Republic 
 Betty Lam - Mushroom quilt for NICU
Betty Lam - 2 1/2" pieces - for NICU 

 Betty Lam - Coin Quilt
 Betty Lam  - Bargello runner...workshop last month.
Betty Lam - Turning Twenty - Civil War repro for college guys. 
 Betty Lam - Trip Around the World 
 Sandy H - "Rapid Star" Deb Tucker pattern

Sue R - 'Painted Leaves" Original Design by Ella Ibragun
Pres. of Farmington Quilt Group
 Jona - 'Pot Holder quilt'
taught by Wendy Reed...hand sewn and hand quilted.
Close up of Pot Holder quilt above. 
Back of pot holder quilt 
Kat - Bargello placemats (4 of them)
workshop last month. 
 Bea - Bargello runner - workshop last month.
 Bea - Baby quilt with angels
Donna M - 'On the Rails'
Donna M - Table runner using 'poppers' 
 Donna M - pillow case
 Bev - Bargello mat - workshop last month
 Margo - baby quilt I bought at yard sale
 Decided to do a strippy quilt for the back to make
it reversible. For new great granddaughter Juliet
 Barb D - Sweatshirt display for workshop
Barb D - Sweatshirt 

  Barb teaching the 'how' to cut out a sweatshirt and 
then fit it to the person.
Enjoy - until next month..
Can you believe that December is coming up!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tacoma - October 18, 2017

Tacoma Lakes Quilters met for a Bargello Workshop demonstrated by Janet C. For some they were skilled at it and for others it was a learning curve. Armed with our machines and 10 all our sewing gear we were on our way. Thank you Janet for your patience and expertise.


Barbara L - Dragonfly Table Runner in Flight
At the Pond by Wildfire - Designs Alaska

Barbara L - 'Fairy Panel' - Blocks 
 Brenda P - 'Primary Paws Patrol'
quilt for grandbaby.
 Brenda P - "Man's Rules"
Missouri Quilt (red/black)
 Brenda D - "Weaver Fever"
Bargello - Rust colors
Lori H - "Unexpectd Pink Flamingo"
Eleanor Burns - Bargello 
Barb D - "Boxy Bag" 
by So Sew Easy
Craftsy Website  

Janet Clement
Followed by pics with some gals at work.

 Janet's examples

A FUN DAY.....

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tacoma October 11, 2017

Tacoma Quilters of Litchfield held their business meeting Wednesday. It was a week later than usual because a group of us went to Jackman for 3 days of quilting. A beautiful area as the leaves literally turned color before our eyes. The room had windows so we could view the mountains all day. What an inspiration!
A great time and a lot accomplished.

Our recent yard sale was very successful and we sold a lot so of course, we can purchase more.

We are doing a Block of the month. Each month we choose the size, in our own color and style. The purpose is learning how to put them all together using fillers. A challenge for many but there was great participation. The block this month was 12". You will see them at the end of this posting.
Next month sizes are 5" x 8" and 3" x 5". 

We also had demos on how to make "perfect 1/2" square triangles". We had 3 gals using different techniques.

And of course there is always Show'n Tell.

Janice C- bag made by Helen G as a gift to her.
 Janice C - Tuscany Tote
Full Moon Collection by
Nancy & Michelle Green
 Janice C - Letter from Home
McCall's quilt June/July 2017
pieced by Janice and machine quilted by Sherry F
Janice C - Harmony
Needle in a Hayes stack
by Tiffany Hayes
 BJ - 'Bricks' scrap quilt
 Sue C - Camping wall hanging - Patchables
 Sue C - The Batty Quilter
Halloween trick or treat bags 
 Lori H - Blue panel Quilt at the Lake
 Kat - Bargello Quilt - absolutely stunning
Barb D - Salvage ends facsimile bag  
 Barb D - UFO - Christmas quilt....just had to add binding. 

26 TOTAL SO FAR - some gals made 2.

BARB -  Using 10" Squares 
SUE R - Thangles 
Also displayed the quilt she used them on.
BETTY L - Bloc Loc Rulers
We did it in rounds....3 groups moved from table to table.
It was great because you could really see and ask questions.
A great Meeting....see you next week. 

We choose either a TABLE RUNNER OR